Great News for Anne Arundel County Tennis!

AACo Budget for FY17 Includes Design Funding for Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Center

The FY2017 budget was passed with $823,000 in design funding for a new Millersville Park and the Tennis Center.

What does this mean?

This is a huge step forward for the Tennis Center. It represents a commitment from the County to continue working with the Tennis Alliance through the design phase and into build.

What is next in this “design phase”?

The design phase includes definition of work scope, procurement of architectural and engineering services, and completion of design. Anne Arundel County’s Department of Public Works, Recreation and Parks, and the Tennis Alliance, with support from the USTA, will all contribute to the design effort. The Tennis Alliance plans to create a capital fundraising campaign, and to pursue debt financing, sponsorships, and other sources of public funding. The Tennis Alliance will also continue to build the Tennis Alliance organization to be “opening-day ready.”

How did we get to this point?

Over the last three years, the Tennis Alliance and Rec and Parks have worked together in good faith to develop a strategy for a site, developed a business plan for a self-sustaining tennis center to be operated by a not-for-profit, assisted with an independent 3rd party feasibility study, and now intend to implement this strategy through a public/private partnership to build the center.

When will the facility be built?

A realistic target date is to open towards the end of 2019. Design is often a two-year process. The County anticipates funding its share of the construction costs in FY 2019 (begins July 2018). The Tennis Alliance plans to move in parallel with that schedule to secure funding for its share of the costs in constructing the tennis center facility.

What can you to do to help?

There is much more to do and a full team is necessary to accomplish the tasks ahead. Volunteer help is invaluable and necessary. With continuation of the great efforts of our tennis community, we can all see this project through.

Congratulations to all!!

This is a great time to part of Anne Arundel County Tennis!


Background on the Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Center for Anne Arundel County Initiative

The Tennis Alliance and Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks are working to develop an indoor/outdoor tennis center at the new Millersville Park, to be centrally located within the County on Millersville Rd. west of I-97. The project is envisioned as a public/private partnership whereby the Tennis Center at Millersville Park (TCMP) would be managed and operated as a not-for-profit business serving the County’s large and growing tennis community. The Tennis Alliance’s proposed project has the support of the County Executive. The County Council approved $167K feasibility study funds and preliminary planning in FY2016 and $823K in design funds for architectural and engineering work in FY2017.

In support of this project to date, the Tennis Alliance has conducted many studies including: market demand, programming, business planning, diagrammatic site planning, costs estimating, and alternative financing strategies. The Tennis Alliance is continuing to work with the County in funding and undertaking tennis center design, planning, and other development work.

The long-range goal is to provide a much-needed facility that will be a year-round home for tennis in Anne Arundel County serving all of its citizens.

Tennis Center Needs

There is an urgent need in Anne Arundel County for tennis facilities as follows:

  • Parking and related services Goals
  • Outdoor park-like amenities and spectator viewing
  • Offices, classrooms, and conference rooms
  • Rest rooms, locker rooms, tennis fitness, treatment and training rooms
  • A tennis center building
  • Indoor and outdoor lighted courts (including 10 and Under courts, hard courts, and clay courts)
  • The Tennis Alliance is working with the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks to develop an indoor/outdoor tennis center at Millersville Park.
  • The Tennis Alliance would manage and operate a new tennis facility as a not-for-profit.
  • The Tennis Alliance goal is to maximize opportunities for our residents to enjoy the game of Tennis as a sport for life.

Anne Arundel County Study Timeline.

October 2012 Met with Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks to discuss a potential land use agreement.

November 2012 Community Tennis Center Business Planning began.

January 2013 Testified in support of the County’s 2013 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (“The Plan”) to include a tennis center feasibility study.

April 2013 Testified before the Planning Advisory Board in support of The Plan.

May 2013 Testified before the Anne Arundel County Council in support of The Plan.

September 2013 Tennis Alliance formed.

June 2014 Website Complete, Business Plan Updated.

August 2014 Initiate a land use feasibility study.

May 2015 County Council approves $167,000 to complete feasibility and site analysis and planning work.

Jan 2015 – Present Tennis Alliance work with County officials to complete feasibility study and validate site options June 2016 – County Council approves $823,000 for Architectural Design and Engineering

Anne Arundel County Tennis Facts

Why a New Tennis Center

The demand for tennis play, programming, and instruction has experienced dramatic and continuing growth in the last ten years. However, there is a vast unmet need for tennis facilities (especially indoor) in Anne Arundel County:

Fact: In 2008, there were 19 indoor courts in Anne Arundel County. In 2015, there are 7 indoor courts available to the public (Navy Brigade 6, and Greater Annapolis Family Center Y with 1 fully dedicated tennis court).

Fact: From 2008-2012, there was a 180% increase in league tennis participation (from 1,836 in 2008 to 3,336 in 2012) and a similar increase in youth tennis participation through 10 & Under Tennis and Junior Team Tennis. From 2012 to 2014 there was an additional 18% increase in league participation (3,946), and Anne Arundel County moved to #2 in the State in the number of teams behind only Montgomery County (with two times the population).

  • Fact: Recreational tennis players must travel to nearby counties for indoor courts.
  • Fact: Anne Arundel County School courts are unavailable to the public during school hours, resulting in over-demand for limited Park facilities.
  • Fact: Anne Arundel County is grossly underserved for publicly available tennis facilities.
Indoor Courts Dedicated to Public Use
        2. Montgomery County: 47
        3. Prince George County: 33
        4. Baltimore County: 20
        5. Howard County: 17
        6. Anne Arundel County: 2 part time multi-use courts
        7.  Benefits of a New Tennis Center
  • A new Tennis Center would provide a home for tennis for Anne Arundel County residents where they can enjoy and benefit from the sport of a lifetime in a supportive community environment.
  • A new Tennis Center would provide a first class facility for the growth of programming and play.
  • Regional, Sectional, and National events would bring significant numbers of visiting players and their families to the area which will benefit the local economy.
  • A Tennis Center would be a model facility for a community-based tennis development program in Anne Arundel County.
  • A Tennis Center would provide a new paradigm for health and wellness through tennis for residents of all ages.